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OUR REFERENCE PROJECT: "FAUTPADJE" 20 meter Via Sensus Foot Reflexology Parcours at Spa/Sauna Center Gezeitenland on North Sea Island Borkum - including view to seals and north sea!

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Productline Eis-Tower

High Quality Flake Ice Maker for Spas and Sauna



Design Example

Manifold Professional Solutions Providing Flake Ice


Stand-alone solutions with integrated flake ice machine ● Models for installation in guest area ● Flake Ice Maker pre-assembled to build in /incorporate ● Special solutions for backfitting ● Models with little required space ● Different ice discharging systems



Individual consulting ● Technical support ● After-Sales assistance ● Mounting and maintenance contracts on demand ● Supplies




Productline Via Sensus

Professional Foot Reflexology Treamtent for Health Promotion & Well-Being



Via Sensus

An effective co-ordination of foot- movement – underground




Based on Zone Therapy and on science of Reflexology ● Causes a directly noticeable change of body feeling ● Easy way of “doing something” to obtain and achieve better health and well-being ● Low maintenance and personnel costs ● Several length and shapes of parcours available ● Indoor and Outdoor installation possible


Individual planning ● Training ● Instruction ● After-sales service ● Mounting on demand